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There is Hope

Hope for Now International established in 2012 is in loving memory of our parents Vincent Okonji & Veronica Umebei Nwaesei. Our passion for the vulnerable population in our society can be attributed to generational traits. Our parents lived their lives helping the poor.
Our drive in improving the quality of life of people with challenges is due to the marginalization, isolation, pain and suffering they go through, making them invisible with no access to opportunities for success in life.
We are committed to assisting the disabled population in our midst live a productive, independent lives and integrate them in their chosen community. Hope for Now International helps thousands of people of all ages overcome the daily challenges of living life with a disability.

Our Mission

The mission of Hope for Now International is to build HOPE CENTERS worldwide.

These facilities will provide avenues for people with disabilities to realize their full potential in quality of life, guided by the principles of wellness and independence.

It will also ensure their access to rehabilitation, education, training, and employment as well as integrating them into their community.

Our Vision

The vision of Hope for Now is to ensure that all people with disabilities will have the opportunity to live a quality life.

Donate today to save people with disabilities from the Agony of Injustice & Abuse

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