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Hope for Now is here to change the lives of people living with disabilities, and indeed change the world


What you throw away/discard can save someone’s life’.

Hope for Now International is currently collecting used/new mobility aids to assist people with disabilities in their activities of daily living.
Donations are collected all year round.

We accept:

  • Canes, crutches, walkers and IV poles
  • Wheelchairs, MANUAL, complete and no rust
  • Shower chairs/benches, in good condition
  • Raised toilet seats, in good condition
  • Incontinence supplies
  • Blood pressure monitors (non-mercury)

Drop off locations
Long Island
35 South 31st Street
Wyandanch, NY 11798
Tel: (631)796-2441

Queens- New York Location
God’s Cover Church International
223-13 Linden Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11411

***To be released soon.
Why the movie – Silent Pain
(A de-humanized group in pain)

The movie Silent Pain is an awareness campaign on the emotional pain and suffering of people with mental and physical disabilities.

The depiction of the movie – Silent Pain exposes the struggles, loneliness and suffering of people with challenges. It further reveals the emotional marginalization, the pain and misery they go through as individuals in a society that degrades them due to their debility. Even in the face of religion, where equality and fairness are assured, prejudice takes the place of everyday life as they cry in silence. The movie also exposes our lack of awareness of how the environment has impacted on the marginalization and isolation of people with disabilities. Societal complacency has quietly enhanced the discrimination that has continued to take place in a system that should protect those who are vulnerable due to their challenges. It is our moral and ethical responsibility to speak out on their behalf, but before we do that, we need to know from their point of view how our negative attitude affects them. Silent Pain draws an in-depth attention to the inner plight of the unspoken emotions of the disabled, especially women who are mostly disadvantaged in this group. The aim of this movie is to begin the much-needed psychological orientation of the public towards a much-needed compassion in integrating people with disabilities in our society. Disability is already a major barrier affecting individual life functions for daily living. Isolation, resentment, and dehumanization affects their quality of life, posing a serious risk for their longevity.

To assist in marketing this movie or showing to an audience, please contact us at Tel: (631) 796-2441; Email:

Silent Pain


Amanda, a beautiful and intelligent girl finds herself in a situation that she has no control over. Due to her challenges in dealing with activities of daily living, she finds it difficult to experience happiness as she is rejected, isolated, scorned, and marginalized. As life takes a turn in her favor to experience love and be loved for the first time in her life, her protectors become her greatest enemies. The love of her life Nduka is torn in between making a choice that will forever haunt him or turning love into a victim. Fate takes a different turn as Amanda becomes the Bible that should not be read, and plan to get rid of her at all cost begins to tear a God-fearing family apart. Nduka, who is left at this triangle of love, begins a journey of pain to desert the one he truly loves as everyone is put in a state of uncertainty/bewilderment.

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