My name is Ogechukwuka Nwaesei. I am 25 years old, and a Bioscience major. All my life what I’ve wanted to do is help people. I’ve had the honor and privilege of being born here in America, a land of possibilities and new opportunities every day. Here in this country people with disabilities have equal rights and are treated fairly. In Nigeria, they don’t receive the same attention and care that they would receive if they were here in America. They are faced with judgement, backlash, and poor treatment. Most often, they are looked at as burden to the family. It shouldn’t be this way. The disabled population in Africa need uttermost care, attention, love, and support. I am happy that my family and I have decided to start this foundation. Hope for Now is a charitable Organization that will cater to the needs of disabled people in Africa. What better way to help than to give to others. Just because they have a disability does not make that person less than me or anyone else. With this foundation we can bring awareness to those less fortunate, and to those that need our help. Thank you for your support, and please donate to this wonderful cause.

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