Hello everyone, my name is Onyebuchim Nwaesei and I am the first son of Dr. Igwebuike and Mrs. Cynthia Nwaesei. I am a Computer Engineering Major at Farmingdale State College currently entering my second year of college. I am proud of the legacy that my parents have created, and I plan to continue what they started and to also make it better. Hope for Now is a foundation that is created to help bring awareness to those with disabilities. For me this is something that is needed to fulfill a good life. Helping others that are less fortunate than us is what God created us to do. Those of us that wake up every day with the ability to stand, see, walk, talk, and just live our everyday life with no problems are obligated to help those who can’t do these things. We thank you all for being a part of this lifelong foundation that will continue for generations to come and we hope this also opens your hearts to help towards a cause that can change a person’s life.

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