About Us


Our Vision

The vision of Hope for Now is to ensure that all people with disabilities will have the opportunity to live a quality life.

Our Mission

The mission of Hope for Now International is to build
HOPE CENTERS worldwide.

These facilities will provide avenues for people with disabilities to realize their full potential in quality of life, guided by the principles of wellness and independence.

It will also ensure their access to rehabilitation, education, training, and employment as well as integrating them into their community.

Our Values

It all begins with love by standing with individuals with special needs, listening to voices unheard, and using compassion in recognizing potential where others see hopelessness.

Imagined community stems from a moral obligation with a deep-seated humility to see the world as it is, and the impetus to imagine the world as it could be by bringing equality of life to the forefront. This is encompassed with the provision of dignity for all mankind.

It requires honesty, patience and kindness, resilience and HOPE. Its leadership prides itself with honest practices and challenges corruption. ‘Give to those who cannot give back to you’.

Hope for Now International is creating hope in a world filled with poverty and no hope. Changing the way the world tackles equality, and building a world based on dignity is to do good no matter what.








  • Catalyst for positive changes
  • Become advocates on behalf of People with Disabilities (PWD).
  • Promote quality of life
  • Ensure that PWD are integrated into society
  • Strive for greater independence of PWD
  • Protect one of community’s most vulnerable population


Our generous and kindhearted donors are our partners. They have chosen to invest in humanitarian lives as they bring smile and quality of life to those in need. We are in it together as we believe there’s a better way to challenge and change the existing conditions of inequality.

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God’s Cover Church International(GCCI)

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